Pioneering a
Green Future

Sustainable Energy Solutions Provider

Progressive Green Solutions is one of Australia’s leading Utility scale Renewable Energy systems provider, supplying energy for new upcoming projects and decarbonising major existing industries.

We provide solutions across the full project lifecycle, ranging from the concept design to turn-key delivery including project financing.

Leading Edge Technology

Progressive Green Solutions uses advanced technologies from Korea, Japan and Germany, backed by a strong track record in Australia.

We partner with companies as a cornerstone developer to bring the green energy required for your resource or manufacturing enterprise, varying from 100MW to 5GW.

Strong Relationships

Our team have over 20 years of industry experience and have built strong relationships with:

  • First Nations People
  • Local, State and Federal government
  • International Technology providers
  • Global Finance providers


we can achieve a cleaner future

the right way.


Partners across the globe and employer of diverse cultures within Australia


Pioneer of new technologies to shape a greener future


Ensuring an ethical solution beneficial for all parties